Hyundai Kia Motor


Hyundai-Kia Motor manufactures and markets automobiles. It is the largest vehicle manufacturer in South Korea and the second largest automaker in Asia, making up one of the world’s top four automakers.


Hyundai-Kia Motor was relying on paper forms for its car purchase and service agreement. It was uneconomical as employees were spending too much time on processing paper documents. They realized the ineffectiveness and inefficiency sales agents and other employees were facing.


Hyundai-Kia Motors converted their car purchase and service agreement to digital agreements with OZ e-Form, allowing sales agents to access digital contracts anytime and anywhere. Information in digital forms and contracts are transferred to the database without having to scan supporting documents; speeding up sales transaction. Branch managers get to approve contracts as soon as sales agent closes a deal. In addition, the management gets updates to real-time sales statistics instantly.

Implemented: Mobile Contract System
Product: OZ e-Form


This transformation improves customer reliability greatly as a copy of the contract will be sent to the customer immediately after concluding the deal, bringing many conveniences to all.  The entire car purchase process became much easier and faster. Most importantly, all costs related to printing and processing paper documents were reduced significantly.

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