Kyunghee Univ Hospital at Gangdong


Kyung Hee University Hospital specialises in all 5 medical areas including General Medicine, Dentistry, Korean Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing Science. The hospital is using more than 300 different types of paper application forms from patient admissions to discharge consent. Huge amount of resources were spent on creating, scanning and storing over 140,000 pieces of paper every year.


The hospital had been using paper forms for more than two decades, previous records of inpatient applications were not properly documented into their existing system. Information were missing, which was caused by human error in filling up the paper forms. Proper documentation is required to protect the hospital against legal disputes. There’s also a need to improve the overall service quality due to heightened patient expectations.


The hospital took one step at a time, beginning with digitizing paper forms for the Administration and Nursing department. They soon saw increased productivity and proceed to the second phrase of implementation; digitizing paper forms used in all Medical Tests and Examinations, subsequently to the Operation and Treatment department.

Implemented: Medical e-Consent system
Product: OZ e-Form


The newly developed Nursing Service System is placed at every patient’s bedside, transforming traditional wards into Smart Wards, improving service efficiency and quality. Human errors were greatly reduced after the implementation of a Mobile Consent System. The hospital saw a significant reduction in costs and processes (from 14 steps to 4 steps). Doctors and nurses can now focus on treating patients after the implementation of our paperless solutions.

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