Volkswagen Korea


Volkswagen Group is one of Europe’s largest carmakers, driving the trends in the global automotive market. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, it has more than 120 automobile production facilities in Europe, US, Asia, and Africa. Volkswagen is currently selling its vehicles in more than 150 countries.


Sales agents in Volkswagen Korea have been using paper sales contracts when attending to customers. Processing of paper sales contract is time-consuming and costly. A high percentage of the business costs came from producing, distributing, archiving, and disposing of paper contracts.


Due to the shift in consumer behavior, Volkswagen Korea sees the need to digitize existing paper contracts. A mobile contract system was built out of the OZ e-Form, allowing sales agents to access sales contracts anytime and anywhere. All information collected from customers is saved directly to the database, ensuring no information leakage. Today, Volkswagen Korea is using this mobile contract system for 5 other operations.

Implemented: Mobile Contract System
Product: OZ e-Form


This transformation eliminates all manual labor associated with processing paper contracts. All inconvenience was resolved by the digitization of paper contracts. Sales agents can focus on serving customers as transaction processes are made simpler. Time and costs spent on scanning sales contracts and optical character recognition (OCR) are reduced significantly.

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