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Make the switch today! Convert paper forms to digital ones with OZ e-Form. Gain access to digital forms, contracts, and agreements any time, anywhere, and on any devices. Automate business processes and spend the time on other important business tasks. Over 3,500 customers worldwide are using our paperless solutions, what are you waiting for?

Did you know?
  1. Out of 2.4 billion smartphone users, 57% of them are carrying out transactions using their mobile devices
  2. Enterprise apps boost working productivity by more than 34%
  3. Companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year per worker by adopting mobility
Key Features
  • Coded in XML for best performance
  • Rich data input components
  • Build dynamic business logic
  • Compatible with other applications
  • Supported across browsers
  • Boost productivity
  • Powerful e-Form Designer
  • Convenience on the go

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