How to utilize Smart e-Forms effectively during COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has taken a toll on some of the business operations. But fret not, because our Smart e-Form is here to bridge your telecommunication between you and your customers! You do not have to meet up with them physically if you are concerned about Social Distancing. We get you.

To anyone that comes across this article, no matter which industry you are in, we can assure you that our Smart e-Form solutions will help you and your customers to still communicate effectively even if you are unable to meet face-to-face!

As more people are starting to work from home, here are 5 possible customer-facing transactions and how our Smart e-Form solution could increase their overall business productivity. We will also be elaborating on the impact this could potentially bring to your business!

  1. Banking

Picture this. As a Bank Teller in the Bank, you anticipated a queue to not form outside of the branch. However, you have customers waiting in line, some patiently, some in frustration written all over their faces. You are unsure if you and your colleagues can handle all their queries on time. You are also afraid the long waiting time will turn into negative reviews on customer service.

Now comes the part where your customer fills in his or her personal information on the required forms. There are a couple of forms to be filled in physically, and you have to vet it and send for approval. These are just too many steps to be taken! What if your customer accidentally fills in some incorrect details? You find yourself back to square one. It definitely frustrates both ends.

Here, we have the first scenario involving a customer and Bank Teller. Introducing the Quicklink e-Form, where all forms now can be transformed physically to electronically. Transactions can now be done non-face-to-face. The forms can be filled in through a secured URL. The customer and Bank Teller are able to fill in information conveniently on any web browsers without having to download any applications. This can be done in the comfort of their own homes, without having to meet.

Next, we have the second scenario between the same parties, this time face-to-face transactions using our Paperless Branch e-Form. You can now simply put your worries to rest! Say goodbye to any more troubled matters and go paperless! With Bank Branch Transformation evolving in banks these days, it is time to also switch to Digital Banking. The Smart Branch e-Form allows both the Bank Teller as well as the customers edit and store forms all electronically!

With the COVID-19 situation, your business could take advantage of this and access forms anytime and anywhere across tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.

  1. Insurance

Like the Banking industry, we understand that insurance agents schedule appointments to meet up with their clients physically. However, the same problems would incur. Too many forms to fill in, a lot of talking involved, and also collecting signatures from your clients. This will definitely take a lot of time for both you and your customers!

Similar to the Banking Industry, Insurance Agents and customers are able to use the Quicklink e-Form. One of the benefits of using our solution is that it accelerates non- face-to-face transactions. Customers and agents no longer have to meet up physically. This will definitely speed up business processes and reduce time wastage!

  1. Government

For government agencies, imagine having to go through hundreds of people’s different physical applications and forms. Also, going through the trouble to sieve out a particular member’s form from the stacks and piles of paper that your company store drives you up the wall. This extra time spent could be better used in doing other tasks, which affects your overall productivity!

Avoid the hassle, why not switch to FORCS Smart e-Form? Customers can now fill in their forms electronically without having them to make the trip down to your local government agencies to fulfill their queries and applications. Our Smart e-Form also enables them to receive quick updates in real-time in their mobile devices and tablets whenever applications are processed by government authorities.

One of the features of the Smart e-Form includes creating forms digitally, which can be exported into PDF/A and XML format simultaneously, our first technology of its kind! Administration time can be reduced significantly, and forms no longer have to be stored physically. Now they are all stored in one place, and it is much easier to retrieve. It will certainly boost the government agencies’ processes.

  1. Healthcare

Given such a tumultuous period of time everyone is going through right now especially in the Healthcare industry, patients who are feeling unwell have to report to the hospitals and clinics physically. This is very overwhelming for the staff serving them. We know COVID-19 has taken a major hit in the industry, and we would like to mitigate the impact. We are confident with our e-Form solution, waiting times can be reduced greatly.

Improve your business processes with our Smart e-Form! Similar to government agencies, you do not have to worry about having a manual backend system to keep track of all your patients’ records. Using Smart e-Form, patients can now register themselves when they are admitted and discharged at the hospitals and clinics by filling in the necessary forms electronically. They could do so in tablets, anytime and anywhere. This makes the whole process easy and convenient!

According to Channel News Asia, the commentary stated that COVID-19 could take a toll on some of the Healthcare systems around the world, given the large number of patients in countries such as Italy and the United Kingdom they receive every day. The figures are staggering, and we believe transforming forms electronically would reduce the time taken to attend each patient.

  1. Engineering

Lastly for the Engineering industry, picture a scenario where you are a site manager. You have to ensure your workers are doing regular safety checks, for example the elevators and building parts during the progress of your project. It is very troublesome physically checking up on them constantly, collecting physical forms from them. These forms consist of checklists that you need to collect on a daily basis. Plus, these checklists are repetitive and have a risk of losing important information that your workers might have missed out.

Forget about all that! Transform your business into our Smart e-Form! Applying the same features and benefits as to government agencies, you do not have to collect forms from your employees. Engineers no longer have to meddle with paper forms while conducting inspection checks. Your employees on the other hand have the ease to access forms all in a single device. Be it on a tablet and mobile phone, they can easily submit forms digitally! No more re-keying of information into the system back in the office.

There you have it, these are the 5 possible scenarios you may have faced at work. Our e-Form solutions also apply to other industries! Our electronic forms solutions increase customer satisfaction, quicken business processes and also improves document workflow automation! Stay safe everyone during this time. Contact us at for a demo if you are interested in our e-Form solutions.






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