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Go Paperless with OZ e-Form

Digital contracts and electronic signature are legally binding by law in most of the countries. Simplify franchising procedures by digitizing your Franchise Agreement and keep track of expiring contracts with OZ e-Form. Reduce the amount of time spent on administrative work in managing paper contracts, focus on helping franchisees in setting up and expanding their business.

Cost Effectiveness
Research has shown that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Reduce the costs spent on buying, printing, mailing, and storing paper by digitizing existing paper contracts. Automating business processes has led to higher efficiency and increased productivity, allowing employees to focus on getting their work done without being disrupted.
Signed within Minutes
Get your agreement signed and approved within minutes even if the approver is away for a holiday. Digitize your Franchise Agreement, sign electronically with timestamp information, send agreement to colleagues or customers, store and retrieve agreement via your smart devices. Digitized contracts are accessible 24/7 right in your pocket.
Connect Globally
People are travelling to different parts of the world for business dealings, making physical meetup inflexible. Digitize existing paper Franchise Agreement with OZ e-Form, get it signed and approved without delay. Remove the hassle of delivering physical Franchise Agreement to franchisee’s office, expand possibilities and get connected globally.
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Park Joo Hyung
Director of CS Division

With OZ e-Form, we have reduced the risk of customer information leakage. Ultimately, saving time and costs in document management.

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