Making Healthcare Less Painful

Take the pain out of patients by integrating our solutions from admission to discharge from a healthcare institution. Transform healthcare with mobility, improve patient satisfaction by allowing doctors and patients to access medical records and sign agreements via their mobile devices while on the go.

Minimize Medical Errors
Everyone makes mistakes, even medical practitioners do. Minimize medical errors by replacing your existing paper-based medical record system with our smart solutions. Automated prompts in digitized medical records remind nurses and doctors to ensure the right treatment at the right time.
Speed up Billing and Claiming Process
Time could be wasted waiting for patients or family members to submit claim forms and making payment at the administrator office. Speed up the billing process by digitizing the entire claiming and billing experience, make it easily accessible for patients and family members anytime and anywhere.
Spend More Time with Patients
Nurses and Doctors are spending a great deal of time on paperwork and charts than with their patients. Time spent on filling up paper forms should be spent on helping patients understand their conditions. Medical practitioners should be focusing on patients’ treatment instead of paperwork.
Greater Patient Satisfaction
Offer an integrated platform for patients to access medical appointments, treatment and diagnosis, and agreements via their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Help patients to better understand treatment and operation by illustrating with multi-media components on digital forms.
Appointment Booking Form
Patient Admission Form
Surgery Consent Form
Patient Records
Hospital Treatment Form
Claims Processing
Yoon Min Ho
Kyung Hee University Hospital
Assistant Manager of HIS Division

Doctors’ and nurses’ satisfaction level increased remarkably after the adoption of digital forms (developed from OZ e-Form). Patients are also feeling happier during their stay in the hospital. We can obtain consent from patients instantly with the digital signature feature, boosting overall organizational productivity. It’s so much more convenient now as compared to the paper forms used previously.

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