OZ e-Form for Smart Insurance Services

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With the advancement of new technology, consumers want things to be done faster with more convenience. Purchasing a policy or making a claim with paper forms can be frustrating due to the cumbersome processes. Take your business forward with our solutions by automating your business processes.

Transact Anytime, Anywhere!
From selling a new policy to managing a coverage all the way to submitting claims, OZ e-Form helps planners to perform these tasks anytime, wherever they are, saving time and costs. Focus on turning prospects into customers and delivering superior services to current customers.
Seamless User Experience
Create a seamless journey for your customers by allowing them to perform transactions across devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop). No more fumbling with paper contracts, printing agreement from customer portal and scanning it back to computer. Get everything done with just a device on hand.
Speed up Business Transaction
Agents no longer have to fill up a new paper contract from scratch due to mistakes or changes to agreement terms. Load the right contract you need on your device and show it to your customers instantly. Submit policy application with just a click and get it approved even if the approver is away on a holiday.
Reduce Risk of information Leakage
Paper contracts are often circulated without you knowing where it goes. Our solution is highly secured, you can trust that your customers’ details are being transferred and handled by the most secure technology. Build stronger mobile security by verifying user authentication with biometric information.
New Policy Purchase
New Agent Application
Premium Payment
Claim Submission
Update Personal Information
Change of Account
Collect Consumer Data
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