OZ e-Form for Safety Inspection

Safety Inspections Go Digital

It’s crucial for workplaces to carry out periodic inspection checks on procedures, equipment, and fire safety. This is to ensure that the working environment and procedures are meeting required industry standards. Optimize check procedures by replacing paper based site inspection checklists with digital checklists.

Faster and Easier Than Ever Before
Are you wasting too much time re-keying inspection results collected from paper forms into the system? Simplify complicated inspection checks and focus on ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for yourself and co-workers. Get Inspection checks done faster and easier than ever before with OZ e-Form.
Keep Your Forms Updated
Resolve the problem of having to update every single inspection form manually when a new rule/regulation is introduced. OZ e-Form allows you make changes to your digital form immediately by anyone (even the non-coders). Updated form will be sent to the server and anyone who loads the forms will see the latest version.
Productivity Up, Costs Down
Remove the hassle of replacing and redistributing paper forms manually. Reduce costs by cutting down on paper and printing usage. Minimize human error in re-keying the inspection results collected from paper forms. Increase productivity by eliminating redundant administrative work such as transferring data from paper forms to server.
Safety Inspection Checklist
Process Audit Checklist
Quality Control Audit
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