13 Feb: Webinar Wednesday – Going Paperless with Cloud-Based eForm – eformsign

Webinar Wednesday – Going Paperless with Cloud-Based eForm – eformsign

Date: 13 February 2019

In today’s competitive economy, businesses are reinventing services to serve customers faster and better. Are you still relying on paper document and contract for performing sales transaction and processing daily business activities? It’s time to transform digitally with eformsign, a cloud-based eForm service that allows anyone to fill, sign and submit eContract/eAgreement with a mobile device. Existing forms in Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint can be converted and published within minutes with eformsign add-in. Register for our webinar and we will share with you more about eformsign, its key features and use cases.

More About Webinar Wednesday

A series of webinar will be held every 2nd Wednesday of every month to share with you more about our enterprise eForm solution. The topics range from the introduction of our eForm solution to case study of how organizations implemented our eForm solution. On top of that, there will be demo session showcasing the creation to publication of eForm from scratch. Sign up for our webinar with the “Register Now” button below.

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