13 Mar: Webinar Wednesday – Digitize Your Onboarding Process for Increased Engagement and Productivity

Date: 13 March 2019

Onboarding new employees and customers is a tedious process involving a lot of people and resources. Countless number of paper forms are printed to collect information from a new customer or a new hire. The administration team will then have to gather these paper forms and key in the data manually onto the computer. Submitted forms with missing information or mistakes are unavoidable. It is never too late to transform onboarding processes in your company. Join our webinar as we demonstrate our Digital Onboarding System that has saved many customers from going through the pain of onboarding new hires or customers manually by paper forms.

More About Webinar Wednesday

A series of webinar will be held every 2nd Wednesday of every month to share with you more about our enterprise eForm solution. The topics range from the introduction of our eForm solution to case study of how organizations implemented our eForm solution. On top of that, there will be demo session showcasing the creation to publication of eForm from scratch. Sign up for our webinar with the “Register Now” button below.

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