8 May: Webinar Wednesday – Dynamic eForm VS PDF Form

Date: 8 May 2019

Business organizations worldwide are using PDF forms for daily business activities. The limitations encountered with static form can be overcome with dynamic eForm. For example, in the case of a hospitalization form, a different set of questions will be displayed instantly on the same form base on the gender selection, without having to open a new form. The biggest disadvantage of static form is that any changes made would require a considerable amount of time and effort. With OZ e-Form, anyone without IT knowledge would be able to make changes and all forms will be updated instantly.

Join our webinar to find out more about the differences between dynamic eForm and static form, and how dynamic eForm can help you speed up business and operational procedures.

More About Webinar Wednesday

A series of webinar will be held every 2nd Wednesday of every month to share with you more about our enterprise eForm solution. The topics range from the introduction of our eForm solution to case study of how organizations implemented our eForm solution. On top of that, there will be demo session showcasing the creation to publication of eForm from scratch. Sign up for our webinar with the “Register Now” button below.

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