Customer Onboarding e-Form

Customer Success Starts with Efficient Customer Onboarding

Most financial institutions have adopted a digital onboarding system, but it’s often just an application with a frontend user-interface to gather customer data. The data are then consolidated into a static PDF form for KYC (Know Your Customer). Our customers tell us this process is slow and cumbersome. What differentiates our Customer Onboarding e-Form is that it streamlines and automates the entire onboarding process, providing a seamless experience for every user.

Quick & Smart Digital Onboarding Process

Make digital onboarding an enjoyable experience with our Customer Onboarding e-Form; a comprehensive e-Form solution that is quick, smart, and accessible anytime and anywhere. Collect customer information speedily with our dynamic e-Form and onboard customers faster and more efficiently.

e-Form that Loads Faster than any Other Form

It takes less than 3 seconds to load the Customer Onboarding e-Form in our proprietary format (OZ e-Form), 8 times faster than any form formats. The file size of our e-Form is remarkably smaller too. On top of that, our dynamic e-Form enables organizations to deal with just one single e-Form for the different types of onboarding processes.

Modify Customer Onboarding e-Form with Ease

Any changes to the Customer Onboarding e-Form can be made instantly with our intuitive designer tool (OZ Designer). Updates will be saved immediately to the backend server and reflected across systems and devices. Anyone without coding skills would be able to make basic modifications like changing the “terms and conditions” with ease.



Reduce Complexity with Dynamic e-Form

Our Customer Onboarding e-Form changes in real time based on user input. And this means you just need a single e-Form for all the different types of forms in your organization.

Save Time Updating e-Forms

If you need to change the input label from “name” to “full name” for 50 different forms, all changes made to the Master e-Form Template will be reflected on all e-Forms instantly.

Enhance Experience with Customize Workflow

Build a customized workflow based on existing business logic. Automate the process of sending the completed e-Form to both the approver and customers upon submission.

Lighter & Faster Performance

Encrypted in XML, our Customer Onboarding e-Form loads faster than any other form formats. The reduced file size will not compromise quality or affect any workflow.

Ensure Accuracy with Validation Checks

Onboarding helps organizations to ensure the identification of a person saying who they are. Our Customer Onboarding e-Form offers validation checks to ensure all required information is collected.

Prevent Falsification with Biometrics Authentication

Integrate our Customer Onboarding e-Form with biometrics authentication to ensure the information provided by a customer is associated with the identity of a real person.


Watch the demo or a webinar of the Customer Onboarding e-Form to understand better how it works

See the Customer Onboarding e-Form in Action

Check out how our Customer Onboarding e-Form works differently from the existing Digital Onboarding System your organization has implemented!