eformsign is an e-Form SaaS (Software-as-a-service) for small businesses to take processes online to speed up daily activities. Design e-Form the way you want and publish it for instant use with eformsign add-ins, installed in MS Office.

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No More

Eliminate paper processes by converting paper forms to online forms. Accessible by anyone across platforms, employees no longer have to deal with the preparation of paper forms.


Designed for small businesses, eformsign offers a flexible and affordable subscription-based pricing model, billed monthly or annually. Readily accessed with your current infrastructure.


Create electronic forms with eformsign add-in installed in MS Office applications. Save time by dealing with just one single application for all of your business activities.

Gain Instant

Hosted on the cloud, you can access eformsign across platforms and devices, anytime and anywhere. Electronic forms can be filled, signed, and submitted instantly.


Build customizable workflow based on existing business logic to keep everyone updated on document status. Instant notifications will be sent upon any status update.


With a centralized cloud-based document platform, employees only have to deal with one platform to perform daily activities, empowering them to focus on more important tasks.

Easy Form Builder

Rebuild forms with eformsign add-in installed in Microsoft Office Word/Excel/Powerpoint, insert input components and publish electronic forms just like any other documents.

  • Access published e-Form right away with any web browsers that support HTML5.

  • A wide range of input components such as Checkbox, Radio Button, Text field, Multi-line, Combo box, Date & Time picker, Signature, Camera, Voice Recorder, and more are available.
eformsign form builder

Customizable Workflow

Create business workflow for all stakeholders to view, edit, and approve e-Contract. Various roles can be assigned to users with different levels of access and permissions.

eformsign workflow

Sign Electronically

eformsign offers legally binding e-Signature for anyone to sign and approve documents. Data such as date, location, pen pressure, and the number of strokes are captured to ensure the credibility and legality of a contract.

Sign electronically on tablet with eformsign

Data Management

Submitted forms can be downloaded as PDF format. Input data are available as CSV format for import to the other systems. Data  transfer are done securely via TLS (Transport Layer Security).

eformsign data management

Access Management

Create and manage users and groups to enhance productivity. Different types of controls are granted to users based on their roles in an organization, safeguarding all e-Documents and data stored in the account.

eformsign access management

Improve Your Small Business

Perform business activities with our one-stop cloud service – eformsign! A robust and flexible business cloud platform to meet all of your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between eformsign and OZ e-Form?2020-07-29T15:20:10+08:00

eformsign is a cloud-based e-Form service. It suits small businesses with less than 10 users handling fewer forms and transactions. The features and functions are fixed to cater to general businesses.

OZ e-Form runs on an in-house server. It suits large enterprises which deal with more forms, transactions, and users. The feature and functions can be customized with a professional fee incurred.

What is the cost difference between eformsign and OZ e-Form?2020-07-29T15:18:57+08:00

eformsign is available on a subscription-based pricing model. The cheapest plan starts from US$10/month, billed monthly, or annually.

OZ e-Form is charged perpetually, it depends on the number of forms, transactions, users, and customization needed before we can provide the costing.

Do I need to know programming to use eformsign?2020-07-09T14:40:24+08:00

Anyone can use eformsign even without programming knowledge! Convert existing forms in Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint format with simple drag and drop feature using eformsign add-in.

Can eformsign run on mobile devices?2020-07-09T14:42:40+08:00

Yes, you can download eformsign application from iOS App Store or Google Play on your mobile device to get started with eformsign.

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