Quicklink e-Form

Make Life Easier with Quicklink e-Form

Bank forms are inevitable in the Finance industry. But the conventional way of carrying out financial services requires customers to download and submit bank forms physically. Quicklink e-Form offers the convenience of accessing and filling in e-Form with a secured URL on any modern web browsers anywhere. Upon submission, an email and SMS containing a link to the submitted e-Form will be sent to both the customer and approver automatically. Get started with replacing online forms with Quicklink e-Form now!

Accelerate Non-face-to-face Transaction

From an online service request to a service call, the Bank Teller gets to assist customers with their requests efficiently with the Quicklink e-Form. Without having to download and install third-party applications, Quicklink e-Form can be accessed using a unique URL, and customers can submit banking applications securely.

Accurate & Reliable Information

Quicklink e-Form has a wide range of input components for banks to collect all necessary information from a customer to process a banking application successfully. Best of all, the built-in business logic guides customers along the form-filling process to ensure the accuracy and validity of information filled.

Enhance Banking Process with Data Pre-population

Popular for its speed and convenience, the Quicklink e-Form pre-populates customer information from the database onto the bank application form. There’s no need for a customer to refill their personal details all over again; all they have to do is to update the outdated information.


Instant Access without Third-Party Application

Quicklink e-Form can be accessed with a unique URL for viewing, filling, and submitting e-Form. There’s no need to download and install any third-party mobile application.

Powerful e-Form with Rich Input Components

A wide range of input components like e-Signature, Camera, Voice Recorder, Barcode Scanner, and more are available to ensure all critical business information is collected for processing.

Access e-Form Anytime & Anywhere

Fill, sign, and submit e-Form anytime and anywhere you are! Whether you are away for a business trip or holiday, Quicklink e-Form can be accessed across platforms and devices.

Stay Updated with Instant Notification

Instant notification keeps both Bank Teller and customer updated once a bank form is submitted, approved, or rejected. Quicklink e-Form ensures all parties stay informed of the progress of an application.

Geolocation Integration to Verify Authenticity

Knowing the location of the customer allows the bank to verify the authenticity of a bank form submission. Geolocation safeguards both the bank and customers from falsification.

Export e-Form into Other File Formats

Easily convert the submitted e-Form into other file formats such as XML, PDF, JPG, XLS, DOC, etc. Quicklink e-Form ensures the seamless flow of information from one business unit to another.


Watch the demo of Quicklink e-Form to see how quickly e-Form can be fill, sign and submitted to enhance overall customer experience.

Experience Quicklink e-Form for Yourself

Arrange for a demo session to see how Quicklink e-Form can speed up business transactions!