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OZ e-Form is the core technology behind all of our eform solutions. It’s the most intuitive and powerful software for anyone to create Smart eForm, collect, distribute, and manage data conveniently.

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Key Features of OZ e-Formoz eform

Create eform with Ease

With our powerful eform designer known as OZ Designer, even non-coders can easily create and publish an eform in minutes.

  • Converting paper forms to eforms
  • Transforming forms in Microsoft Office formats
  • Turning PDF forms into fillable eforms
Learn How to Create Smart e-Form in Minutes
Accessible across devices on PCs, tablets and mobile phones

Across Platforms and Devices

OZ e-Form is accessible across platforms and devices without having to download or install any applications through any modern browsers that
Support HTML5.

  • Devices: Desktop with browsers that support HTML5, iPad, tablet, mobile phone. Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android.
  • Save form data to your device remotely and transfer it to the database once there’s a connection to the Internet.

Support Rich Input Components

Availability of a wide range of input components such as electronic signature, combo box, text box, checkbox, radio button, camera, voice input and recorder, timestamp, geolocation, and more.

  • Validate input components to ensure all critical information is collected accurately.
  • Support Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and QR code scanning to accelerate form filling.
  • Proof-of-transaction with multimedia inputs such as voice recording and photo captured.
  • Timestamp and geolocation prove the authenticity and legality of a completed eForm.
Supporting rich input components
Supported by PDF and XML formats

Encrypted in XML for Best Performance

Submitted form can be saved in XML format, which has a remarkable smaller file size that transfers faster than any other form formats (image-based or PDF-based).

  • Put a stop to server congestion and enjoy uninterrupted file transfer.
  • Use, store, transmit, and display data safely.

Scalable and Extensible

OZ e-Form is a high-performance eForm that is integrable any other with
enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) and databases.
Databases that work with OZ e-Form

  • Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, and more!
Scalable and extensible

Check out the other features of OZ e-Form

Dynamic eForm
eForm Mirroring
electronic signature
Dialogue Flow

Improve Your Business with OZ e-Form

  • Improve Processes

  • The digitalization of forms eliminates paper-based processes, streamlining end-to-end processes from the meeting of customers to the closing of deals.
  • Enhance Customer Experience

  • Your customers will love it without having to rekey their information repeatedly into multiple forms. Surprise them with OZ e-Form data pre-population feature.
  • Costs Reduction

  • Cut spending on the production and storage of paper forms. Keep integration cost low as the architecture of OZ e-Form is scalable and extensible for global expansion.
  • Do Business Faster

  • Don’t keep your customers waiting! Share with them the best product offering and get them to sign right away using Smart eForm with a mobile device.
  • Productivity Growth

  • Now that all forms are merged into one single eform with dynamic capability, you no longer have to lose time to find, distribute, and collect paper forms manually.
  • Automate Processes

  • Put an end to manual work involving the transfer of data from paper into the system. Enjoy a seamless flow of information with workflow automation.

OZ e-Form Across Industries

Digital banking


Outdoor Sales System, Paperless Teller Counter, Bank Account Opening, Credit Card Application

Insurance industry


Insurance Application, Financial Investment, New Agent Application, Claim Processing

Government industry


e-Government, Tax System, e-Procurement, Social Facility Inspection System

Manufacturing industry


Facility Inspection, Safety Inspection, Inventory Inspection, Field Inspection System

Automotive industry


Car Rental Contract, Car Purchase Agreement, Digital Showroom, Indemnity Form

Healthcare industry


Patient Admission, Medical Consent, Diagnostic Testing, Surgery Agreement

Food and beverage industry


Franchise Agreement, Ordering System, Digital Menu, e-Payment

Telecommunications industry


New Subscription, Recontract Agreement, Update of Particulars, Cancellation

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