Project Description

Paperless Branch System for BNK Busan Bank

BNK Busan Bank is a financial institution located in Busan, South Korea, that provides a wide range of banking services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. Since 1967, the bank has offered personal and corporate banking, investment banking, and wealth management services. In addition, BNK Busan Bank has branches and offices across the globe. The bank is committed to innovation and technology, significantly investing in digital banking solutions to provide customers with convenient and efficient banking experiences.

BNK Busan bank


BNK Busan Bank faced several challenges with their paper-based transaction management system, which resulted in inconvenience for customers and reduced work efficiency due to post-processing tasks like document scanning. Therefore, improving work efficiency was deemed necessary, and there was a need to streamline the process of verifying document errors, which currently required manual confirmation and corrections. In addition, the client required a secure system to prevent forgery and missing documents, which included ID verification. They also aimed to apply their current tablet branch system in their physical bank branches to improve cost-saving and business efficiency benefits.

How We Helped

We have improved work convenience by installing tablet monitors of varying sizes at all branches. A paperless system has also been implemented, which allows customers to complete various applications and agreements electronically, with the assistance of tellers using the highlighter function. Real-time input data synchronization between the teller’s screen and the customer’s tablet monitor enables prompt verification and guidance. Additionally, features such as required input checks and signature omission prevention contribute to simplifying the customer process.


Our OZ e-Form system offered mobile electronic forms identical to printed forms but with improved processing speed compared to previous UI/UX-based systems. The system also includes user-friendly features such as zooming in and out, as well as an intuitive user interface, which has enhanced work efficiency and convenience for BNK Busan Bank.

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