Faster Telecommunications with e-Form

A great customer experience increases customer conversions and improves customer retention. Differentiate yourself by transforming with Smart e-Form, offering a seamless experience for customers to sign and renew telco subscriptions at ease. Stand out above the rest by reshaping processes with Smart e-Form.

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Benefits from Smart e-Form in Telecommunications

  • Reduce Costs

  • Digitalization simplifies retail stores’ layout, reducing the number of steps customers have to take to perform a transaction, making in-store experience much more straightforward.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction

  • Now that the processes are digitized and automated, the customer journey is shortened, and the Customer Service Officers get more time for interaction and engagement.
  • Greater Convenience

  • Customers can now skip the queue and perform self-service transactions with their smart devices anytime. Additionally, they can be informed of any updates instantly.
  • Increase Productivity

  • With lesser manual work involved in handling paper or static application forms, employees can process more transactions daily, improving operational efficiency.
  • Happier Employees

  • Automation allows employees to get more time to work on other business tasks and make better decisions, leading to increased happiness level and job satisfaction.
  • Automate Processes

  • Digitize processes from customers’ first step into the store to the completion of a transaction, not forgetting the backend processes involved in a transaction.

Key Features of Smart e-Form in Telecommunications

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Dynamic e-Form

Many forms are involved in a customer’s lifecycle, from the signing of a new subscription to the renewal of contracts. Smart e-Form offers the flexibility of switching to other forms with ease.

  • No longer have to scroll through empty sections of the form.

Form Validation

Validate customer’s input to ensure all necessary information are filled for a successful application. A well-designed form with foolproof validation helps to improve customer experience too.

  • Different types of validations from missing fields to inaccurate input.

Rich Input Components

Our Smart e-Form has a wide range of input components (OCR, Barcode, Voice, Camera, e-Signature, and more) for capturing all critical information from your customers.

  • Proof-of-transaction with multimedia inputs such as voice recording and photo captured.

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