Enable In-Person Signing Over Remote Meetings

Remote Teller e-Form is a digital forms software package to enable e-signing contracts between remote clients and sales representatives.

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For the Remote Clients

Remote Teller eForm with video calling solutions provides almost as vivid UX as an in-person conversation between a client and a sales representative. At the same time, they share the same digital form, and the data entered are synchronized on each other’s screens.

Guide your customer in person over the video call

Guide your customer in person over the video call

  • eContracts signed during the remote meetings
  • No need to send or receive contract papers from your clients
  • No need to visit clients to give them a “where-to-fill” highlight guide
  • No worries about the small mobile screen
  • Clients can fill out the forms by following the step-by-step guide

Key Requirements & Features

Form Synchronization

  • Synchronizing digital forms and filling out forms on multiple devices
  • Remote form filling
  • Annotation synchronization
  • Dedicated fields only for clients or sales representatives to prevent data falsification
  • Input guide mode for automatic data entry
  • Independent control between multiple devices with simultaneous synchronization of input data

Smart Digital Form

  • Conversational UI & input mode for small mobile screens
  • Dynamic features for different cases of client input
  • Validation of inputs and forms
  • Form merging for cross/up-sell
  • PDF export

Faster Processing time

  • Attach all required documents in a single eForm file to get quicker approval and simplify the process
  • Store the original file and manage the data in a dedicated system after internal approval
  • Auto-populating fields with back-end system integration


  • Digital signature integration for authentication
  • Encryption of digital form

Components of Remote Teller e-Form

  • Design

    Build Digital Form

    Build Digital Form - OZ e-Form Designer

    OZ e-Form Designer

  • Publish

    Manage Digital Form System

    Manage Digital Form System - OZ e-Form Scheduler

    OZ e-Form Enterprise Server

    OZ e-Form Scheduler

  • Fill and Submit

    Data Input / Form Sync and Form-Filling

    Data Input - OZ e-Form Viewer

    OZ e-Form Viewer

    OZ e-Form Multi Screen Viewer - OZ Sync-Server/OZ Sync-Client

    OZ Sync-Server / OZ Sync-Client

  • Mobile Input

    Conversational UI

    Conversational UI - OZ Dialogue Flow

    OZ Dialogue Flow

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