Corporate Responsibility

We constantly innovating to deepen the impact of our corporate responsibility efforts. FORCS is focused on making a positive impact in the world.

Making an Impact

We are committed to caring for the world we live and work in. Since our establishment, we have been contributing to society to make the world a more beautiful place.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Homeless and Elderly

We donate 1% of our profit yearly to the homeless and elderly living alone through the World Human Bridge program.

Shalom Home Sponsor

Since 2006, we make monthly donation and volunteer at the home of Shalom, a centre for the disabled in Korea.

Shalom Home
Delivering briquettes

Briquette Delivery Moment

Every winter, we send briquette physically to the low income families, heating up their homes during the cold.

Children Leukemia Foundation

Donations are made yearly to the Children Leukemia Foundation in Korea.

Donating to Children Leukemia Foundation
Donating to UNICEF

UNICEF Donation

Donations are made to the UNICEF during our annual events and the collection from a donation box placed in the office.

Supporting African Children

Employees contribute 1000 won from their salary every month to support the children in Africa.

Supporting African Kids

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