Digitize Your Paper Formsto Dynamic Fillable Digital Forms

Convert paper documents and static forms created into dynamic fillable forms. XML-based forms moderate to create customizable, reusable digital forms that can be accessed from any device—all while maintaining data integrity and security.

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OZ e-Form Key Features

  • Dynamic Forms

    • XML-Based Dynamic Form
    • Consolidated Form
    • Dynamic Forms Merging
    • Dynamic Behavior of Inputs
  • Innovative Multi-Function Viewer

    • Supports All Around Client OS and Devices
    • Multimedia Rich Components
    • Form Annotations
    • Pre-fill & Extract Data
    • Field Validation
  • Reusable Form with Master Sections

    • Company Standard Forms with Master Sections
  • Powerful Designer

    • Enterprise Form Designer for Professionals
    • Easy Migration of Your Forms
    • Codeless Data Mapping
    • Multilingual Forms
  • Data Integration & Form Management

    • Integration with Legacy Systems and Data Service
    • Central Form Repository
    • Document Generation from Back-End
    • Web Management Console
  • Advanced Options

XML-Based Dynamic Form

Fast response with XML-based technology


Consolidated Form

Eliminate more than 30 percent of your form templates used in static formssoftware—improves productivity and reduces maintenance costs for similar forms


Dynamic Forms Merging

Displays multiple forms to be merged in the viewer;depending on the combination logic, the forms can be dynamically combined to display and fill in at once


Dynamic Behavior of Inputs

Show or hide fields in real-time based on customers' actions

Dynamic Behavior of Inputs

Supports All Around Client OS and Devices

  • HTML5 Viewer supports any modern browsers on desktop & mobile
  • High performance mobile app viewer (iOS, Android, Windows UWP)
  • Desktop Viewer for Windows

    • - Supports all browsers on Windows with a dedicated Viewer—ActiveX and launcher
    • - Standalone EXE viewer is also available

Multimedia Rich Components

  • eSignature
  • Image Capture With Camera
  • ID Scan
  • Seal Scan
  • QR & NFC Scan
  • Dialogue Flow Inputs
  • Attachments
  • Voice Recorder
  • Video Player

Pre-fill & Extract Data


Field Validation

Checking form inputs for required fields also reduces the error rate of correct formatting in real-time


Company Standard Forms with Master Sections

Create the content displayed in many forms as a "Master Section."Practitioners can apply a single update in the "Master Section" to all related forms.Suitable for terms and conditions, declarations, company logos, slogans, etc.


Enterprise Form Designer for Professionals

  • Pixel-perfect design capabilities for precision forms
  • Various input components
  • JavaScript APIs to control all properties of inputse.g., Implement validation of fields, permissions, and conditional inputs
  • Multiple forms on a single template

Easy Migration of Your Forms


Reusing soft copies

  • Import PDF/images and add inputs
  • Copy and paste existing MS Office documents
  • Combine dynamic XML forms and static PDF forms
OZ in Office - MS Office plugin designer

OZ in Office - MS Office plugin designer

  • Create documents in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Plug-in for MS Office applications
  • Support of Excel expressions

Codeless Data Mapping

Easy integration of data sources by drag & drop without coding


Multilingual Forms

Language resource management: a single form can be serviced in different languages


Integration with Legacy Systems and Data Service

Innovative Multi-function Viewer_Supports all around client OS and devices

Central Form Repository

Unified digital forms repository for the enterprise to enable multiple departments to use selected standard forms.

Central Form Repository

Document Generation from Back-End

  • Exports various formats (HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, text, image, etc.) in batches or as a scheduled task
  • Supports post-processing documents like email, FAX, and SMS via APIs
Document Generation from Back-End

Web Management Console

OZ Server Console handles the resources and configuration of all form-related services

Web Management Console
  • Dashboard
  • Form repository management
  • Audit trail, history
  • Server configuration
  • Monitoring resources, logs
  • Schedule exporting tasks
  • Accounts, permissions

Form Sync

Real-time synchronization of "Form, Data, Action" between multiple devices

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Form Sync

Dialogue Flow

Conversational input for interactive form filling with question-answer dialogues

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Dialogue Flow


Recognizes handwriting input and converts it to text for all languages

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