Seamless Client Onboarding in Field Sales

Tablet Branch e-Form is a digital forms software package to boost your mobile POS for client onboarding in field sales. By switching over to our dynamic fillable digital forms, you can instantly input and output forms that are difficult to cover in the front-end web app.

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For the Field Sales

Experience the eForm solution that dynamically responds to the KYC inputs of individual clients whose general data is stored in the onboarding app.

Dynamic fillable digital form replacing PDF form

Dynamic fillable digital formreplacing PDF form

  • No need to develop all the different cases for static PDF forms
  • Encrypted in XML for best performance
  • Faster and easier KYC with the client on-site
  • No more worries when your mobile tablet goes offline

Key Requirements & Features

Tablet Branch System

Faster Processing time

  • Fast binding to minimize server/network load and achieve high processing speed
  • Attach all required documents in a single eForm file to get quicker approval and simplify the process
  • Store the original file and manage the data in a dedicated system after internal approval
  • Auto-populating fields with back-end system integration

Smart Digital Form

  • Compatibility with any browser, any OS, any device
  • Offline form filling and temporary saving of forms
  • Multimedia input components: Camera, Voice Recorder
  • Dynamic features for different cases of client input
  • Validation of inputs and forms
  • Form merging for cross/up-sel
  • Batch update of each Master Section in multiple digital forms


  • Digital signature integration for authentication
  • Encryption of digital form

Components of Tablet Branch e-Form

  • Design

    Build Digital Form

    Build Digital Form - OZ e-Form Designer

    OZ e-Form Designer

  • Publish

    Manage Digital Form System

    Manage Digital Form System - OZ e-Form Scheduler

    OZ e-Form Scheduler

  • Fill and Submit

    Data Input

    Operate Digital Form System - OZ e-Form Enterprise Server

    OZ e-Form Viewer

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