Smarter Insurance with e-Form

To compete in today’s market, the key to staying ahead of the competition is to offer a holistic customer experience across all customer touchpoints. Transform existing insurance processes with Smart e-Form and offer a seamless and enjoyable buying journey from the meeting of customers to the closing of deals.

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Improve Your Customer Experience with Smart e-Form

  • Cross-sell More Insurance

  • The ability to access insurance applications on a smart device offers agents the convenience of locating the right documents in one place, increasing cross-selling opportunities.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction

  • The simplified form-filling process allows both customer and insurance agent to focus on the engagement instead of worrying about the completion of an application form.
  • Reduce Operating Costs

  • Spend no more on the production of paper forms. Changes can be made instantly with our designer tool without having to spend on engaging an external IT provider.
  • Seamless User Experience

  • Offer a seamless end-to-end buying journey across devices with Smart e-Form. Eliminate the hassle of printing, filling, scanning, and emailing completed applications.
  • Increase Productivity

  • Insurance agents no longer have to refill an application from scratch due to a mistake or a change in the policy terms, giving
    them more time to focus on other business tasks.
  • Safe and Secure

  • The circulation of paper contracts between different parties threatens the leakage of customer’s data. With Smart e-Form, trust that your customers’ data are being handled securely.

Key Features of Smart e-Form in Insurance

Best-in-class Dynamic e-Form

Well-received by our customers, Smart e-Form changes dynamically based on user’s selection, saving time and resources in searching for the right form to fill.

  • No more scrolling through empty pages to locate the right form to fill.
  • Ensure all required information is submitted for successful application.

Support Offline Usage

When working offline, Smart e-Form saves the data inputted onto e-Form into the device, and sync it to the servers once there is a connection to the Internet.

  • Save submitted applications to the server for instant processing.
  • No longer have to rely on paper or static forms.

Non-face-to-face Transaction

In light of COVID-19, people are relying on digital channels to transact. Smart e-Form helps to ease transactions as it can be mirrored from one screen to another in real-time.

  • Bring a human touch to digital transactions by speaking with a customer over the phone or video.

Seamless Insurance

Transform with Smart e-Form, an enterprise-grade solution to eliminate manual work off insurance application processes. Check out these resources to find out more.

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