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OZ Report, our flagship product, is a web-based reporting solution supporting the entire business life cycle from distributions to operations. The creation of business reports such as dashboards, scorecards, and Gantt charts can never be easier with our intuitive designer tool.

Key Features of OZ Reportoz report

Great for Beginners

Even non-coders can create reports with ease. Get started by importing Excel or Word file to generate business reports instantly.

  • Access to reporting components such as Table, Crosstab, Gantt Chart, and 2D barcode (QR, DataMatrix, PDF417).
  • Support multiple data sources and datasets in just one report – Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access, CSV, and more.
Create reports without coding
Accessible anytime and anywhere

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

Supported by HTML5, OZ Report is accessible across all modern browsers from desktop to mobile devices.

  • Viewable across operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android

Support Multiple Languages

No more language barriers, business reports can be translated according to user’s preference. Work collaboratively with your colleagues and partners globally.

Supports multiple languages
Speeds up reporting processes

Centralized Server and Operation

OZ Reporting system relies on a centralized server for its processing, speeding up reporting processes. Best of all, reports can be automatically generated by a scheduler.

Improve your business with OZ Report

  • Boost Business Productivity

  • The centralized document repository enables collaboration among team members, reducing the time involved in designing, deploying, and managing the diversity of enterprise reports.
  • Built for Performance

  • Anyone without coding skills will be able to create Reports from any data sources and export it for business presentations. OZ Report is highly responsive regardless of the complexity.
  • Efficient and Effective

  • Share professional business reports anytime and anywhere you are. OZ Report can be loaded using the Internet and Intranet, and run on both web and mobile applications.
  • Scalable and Extensible

  • Designed to be used by a large number of users, businesses can safely expand their operations with no limitations. OZ Report offers flexibility in adapting to the changing needs of users.
  • Report Automation

  • Enjoy a seamless automated reporting experience with OZ Report. Our OZ Scheduler Server handles automated reporting processes, saving users time from unnecessary workload.
  • Secure Business Reports

  • Secured with XML encryption, OZ Report provides end-to-end security, ensuring all business reports are well-protected from tampering, providing peace of mind and safety to users.

OZ Report Across Industries

Government industry


eGovernment, EDMS, civil affairs operating system, publication, Archives and record management

Banking industry


IFRS, AML(antimoney laundering), EDMS, Bond management, SMS, ITSM, eBanking, bancassurance

Healthcare industry

&Health care

BI, ERP, SCM, PLM/PDM, eProcurement, groupware, EMR, eCommerce, portal system

Education industry


Student affairs operation system, eLearning, cyber homeschooling, integrated information System, online application system

Telecommunications industry


System management
security, billing system, SMS
newsroom computer system
roaming, DW system, ERP

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