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Smart e-Form with e-Government

Many Governments are integrating digital services to provide better services for its citizens and businesses to strengthen the economy. FORCS products and solutions are proven and adopted by most of the Government agencies in Korea. Read more about the Smart e-Form solutions we have proposed and implemented for the local agencies.



Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
The Government Information Sharing System allows all government agencies in Korea to share and access information online with ease. It comes with an enhanced security feature, ensuring secured access to all G2B and G2C civil service applications and documents online. Anyone would be able to view and print various reports and documents built out of OZ products. The agency reduced much of their work processes and saved much costs for itself, for businesses and the citizens of Korea.

National Tax Service – HomeTax System
The HomeTax System allows businesses and citizens to calculate, file, and pay taxes online. Additional services include Income Tax Return Application, Business Registration, and more. Citizens can also check and print tax reports, receipts, or certificates online. Statistics and analytic reports can also be generated from the HomeTax System. OZ products were used to build a HomeTax System as it fulfills all requirements of the National Tax Service agency.

Ministry of Justice – Inmate Interview Management System
With the Inmate Interview Management System, an interrogation can be conducted without the presence of an officer. Features such as video and voice recording, uploading, searching, and downloading of videos are in-built. The system improves the interrogation process and respect the rights of prisoners and visitors. Statistics and analytical reports are created and analyzed for improving and managing interrogation procedures.

Ministry of Land: Infrastructure and Transport – Korea Land Information System
The Korea Land Information System was built for sharing state land information across 230 local Government agencies. It provides G2B and G2C civil service online based on GIS database of Korea’s land. Information such as officially assessed individual land price, single family housing price, land transaction license application, civil affair document, and more are available in the system. Authorized personnel can view and print reports and certifications from the system, as well as creating statistics and analytical reports for land management purposes.

Korean Intellectual Property Office – Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS)
KIPRIS is a web-based patented information search service available to public for free. Its main features are IP (Intellectual Property) information search and IP Administration. Citizens would be able to view and print patent documents, reports and certifications from the system. Statistics and analytical reports can also be created to monitor public’s access to IP information.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Online Passport Application Reservation System
Make an appointment online for collecting your passport with the Online Passport Application Reservation System. It allows you to create and change appointment date and time instantly. Compilation of collection details and statistical reports can be created within the system for management and monitoring purposes.

Ministry of Strategy and Finance – Budget Review System
A platform for officials to find information on the proposed bill and to cast votes. An integrated user interface was built to provide real-time information on new bills and changes. Statistics and analytical reports can be created from the system to monitor budget approvals.

Seoul City – 120 Dasan Call Centre
120 Dasan Call Centre is the one-stop channel to find out about the latest policy, announcement, information and news on Korea. Call operators are equipped with a system supplying real-time information on traffic, environment, water supply, housing, and more. 80 percent of the enquiries were solved by calling 120 Dasan Call Centre, significantly reducing workload of the other Government agencies.

Korea Electric Power Corporation – Integrated Administration System
The launch of a new Integrated Administration System resolved challenges pertaining to the maintenance and expansion of the older system (developed using JSP). With the new system, more than one thousand users can access functions such as Energy Management, Safety Assessment, Proposal Management, Legal Information, and Employee Management at the same time. The intuitive user interface of OZ products allows developers to focus on building processes based on business logic to increase productivity.

Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service – Portal System
The old portal system (developed using JSP) was phase out due to its inability to create statistical charts and reports. The newly developed Portal System built out of OZ products caters more functions such as creation of statistical reports and analytical reports with charts and crosstabs features. Employees can now create sophisticated forms with ease, increasing productivity and reducing workload, leading to improved system performance and response time. Other public institutions using OZ products include: Korea Power Exchange, Korea Education and Research Information Service, Seoul Metro, Korea Testing Laboratory, and Korea Communications Commission.

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