Project Description

Franchise Sales Management System for Hakuyosha

Hakuyosha is a Japanese laundry chain founded in 1952, and it is currently the largest one in the country, with over 1,000 stores located in Japan, the United States, and Taiwan. The company is well-known for its superior service and meticulous attention to detail, and it has received many awards and recognition for its environmental and social responsibility initiatives. In addition to traditional laundry services, Hakuyosha offers specialized services such as wedding dress preservation, leather and suede cleaning, as well as fur cleaning and storage.

白洋舍, Hakuyosha


Our client encountered multiple challenges due to using paper receipts for sales reporting to headquarters. Firstly, this practice resulted in a significant waste of time and money. Furthermore, manual writing made it difficult to read receipts accurately. Additionally, managing paper receipts posed the risk of losing originals or compromising customer information. Lastly, false statements from franchisees regarding refunds and returns have been problematic.

How We Helped

We helped Hakuyosha overcome their challenges by implementing an electronic document system for their sales reporting process. This allowed for real-time information sharing with headquarters, improving efficiency and record management. Customer information was automatically inputted by linking with their POS system, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy. Additionally, our solution allowed photos of the laundry to be taken and attached to refund receipts, enhancing transparency and accountability.


After implementing electronic document management for sales reporting, our client Hakuyosha achieved significant results. They could save on hundreds of paper receipts daily, resulting in substantial cost savings. The elimination of unnecessary document management also saved time and increased operational efficiency. In addition, with accurate sales tracking, the client was able to improve their refund procedures and enhance customer satisfaction in both their directly operated and franchised branches. The success of this system has led to plans to expand it to other areas of their business, including facility and process management. Our client’s adoption of OZ e-Form has resulted in substantial cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

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