Project Description

Restaurant Hygiene Inspection System for Heartree

Heartree Restaurant System is a subsidiary of Accordia Golf, a large chain of golf courses in Japan. The company is responsible for inspecting hygiene in over 160 golf course restaurants and managing processes such as hand washing, refrigerator and freezer temperature management, and equipment management.



Heartree faced challenges in managing its restaurant hygiene inspections, which were being conducted using paper documents. The use of such documents made it difficult to manage the inspections accurately and allowed for only monthly accumulations. Additionally, reporting employee health checks to health authorities resulted in inefficiencies and delays. As a result, Heartree needed a more efficient and streamlined approach to managing its restaurant hygiene inspections.

How We Helped

We helped the client overcome their challenges by implementing OZ e-Form, which replaced physical paper checklists for hand washing, equipment checks, cleaning, and employee health with electronic forms. We also added QR codes to items to be inspected, such as sinks, refrigerators, freezers, and ventilation facilities, and provided tablet PCs to access the system. This enabled real-time reporting and monitoring of employee status, resulting in more accurate and efficient data management. Additionally, we implemented an electronic document system for instant and real-time reporting to health authorities, allowing for faster and more effective measures to prevent and contain epidemics.


Our solutions led to significant results, including reduced paper usage and cost savings for paper document storage, printing, and disposal. Additionally, we increased work efficiency by eliminating unnecessary processes and saving time, human resources, and costs spent on inputting paper application contents into the computer system and managing original paper documents. Moreover, our mobile membership sign-up feature helped increase membership sign-ups and improve customer convenience and satisfaction by allowing sign-ups to be completed anywhere using a mobile device.

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