Project Description

Mobile Equipment Inspection System for Hyundai KEFICO

Hyundai KEFICO, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, is a leading automotive solutions provider that offers end-to-end services from design to production of electronic vehicle control systems. They have established themselves as pioneers in vehicle electrification technology, creating controllers and parts for electric and hydrogen vehicles and two-wheel drive systems. In addition, they plan to secure new business areas to satisfy end users of AI and cloud-based mobility data services, thus strengthening their foothold as a service provider for future mobility.

Hyundai KEFICO


Hyundai KEFICO faced difficulties in their production equipment maintenance and inspection processes due to manual car part inspections, which decreased productivity. As a result, they realized the need for a new system to enhance the preservation team’s work efficiency. In addition, handwritten document storage and scanning also led to inconvenience and increased expenses, as well as unnecessary procedures in inspection report creation, scanning, and storage that resulted in the loss or damage of paper documents.

How We Helped

We helped Hyundai KEFICO perform all tasks related to equipment inspection in real-time on the mobile device, including creating inspection forms, taking and attaching photos, recording audio, and storing all data electronically. We also established a smart work system that optimized standard inspection forms management, fault registration, and reporting through mobile devices. This allowed for efficient maintenance management throughout the process. In addition, we developed a fault notification system using mobile devices and QR codes, further streamlining the process for the client.


Our implementation for Hyundai KEFICO has brought about several benefits. The reduction of paper usage by over 80% has resulted in cost savings and environmental benefits while digitalizing manual tasks has improved productivity, saved time, and reduced the risk of missing work. The real-time processing and sharing of inspection data have allowed for prompt and accurate work handling, facilitated by the seamless user interface and easy data retrieval and analysis. Additionally, eliminating paperwork has created a cleaner and more organized work environment. As a result of these positive changes, the client intends to expand the system to their production technology team in the future. Ultimately, our implementation has successfully helped the client achieve their goals of enhancing work efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

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