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Tablet Branch e-Form for Korea Investment and Securities

Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. is a prominent financial institution in South Korea, formed through the merger of Korea Investment & Securities (KITC) and Dongwon Securities. KITC, established in 1974, specializes in asset management and sales of Korean funds, contributing to the growth of the capital market. Dongwon Securities, founded in 1968, offered specialized brokerage, investment banking, and derivatives trading services. With a strong market position and a vast network of branches and overseas offices, Korea Investment & Securities aims to be a trusted merchant bank and a leading financial institution in Asia.

Korea Investment and Securities


Korea Investment & Securities faced sales-related challenges that required attention. The decline in the significance of branch offices resulted in a surge in demand for visitation channels. There was a growing need to shift from passive sales strategies focusing on customers visiting branches to proactive sales methods involving direct face-to-face interactions. It was necessary to prepare for the implementation of revised door-to-door sales regulations by adopting an ODS (Out Door Sales) system.

How We Helped

We assisted Korea Investment & Securities by providing a customer-oriented UI/UX that simplifies the account opening process and enables personalized consultation services. Our Tablet Branch e-Form includes multiple screens displaying essential financial product information, market indicators, securities data, and asset management advisory services designed to support structured consultations. Our solutions comply with all the security standards the Financial Supervisory Service sets. We also have integrated bond trading and new fund transaction features, anticipating future changes in door-to-door sales regulations.


Korea Investment & Securities experienced significant improvements after implementing our Tablet Branch e-Form. We introduced One-Stop asset management services through tablet devices which enhanced customer service and increased customer satisfaction. The intuitive interface allowed customers to easily access financial products and investment information, facilitating personalized consultations and expanding sales channels. Additionally, we digitized previously printed documents used during external consultations, resulting in cost savings and streamlining the consultation process.

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