Project Description

Paperless Branch e-Form for NH Investment & Securities

NH Investment & Securities is a leading financial institution in South Korea that has provided a wide range of investment and securities services since 1969. The company specializes in brokerage, asset management, and investment banking, offering comprehensive solutions for individual, corporate, and institutional clients. NH Investment & Securities is committed to excellence, innovation, and responsible business practices, constantly adapting to market trends to deliver exceptional financial solutions that contribute to the success of its clients and the overall economy.

NH Investment and Securities


NH Investment & Securities had several issues that needed to be addressed to improve their processes. One of the main challenges was using a paper-based document system for various applications, which caused inconvenience for customers and took up a lot of time to sort, file, and store. There was also a need for a more secure system to prevent document tampering, especially for identification documents. Additionally, it was crucial to integrate the system with existing devices like document scanners at the counter to ensure seamless operations.

How We Helped

We helped NH Investment & Securities by implementing an electronic document system for their operations. This system covers around 120 tasks, such as transactions at branch counters, card issuance, IPO subscriptions, and fund trading. Our solution synchronized the desktop PCs of branch staff with customer-facing tablet monitors, making it easier to complete documents efficiently. With features like highlighting guides and real-time verification and correction, we ensured that document completion was smooth and error-free. We also made creating electronic documents at the counters easier for customers by integrating user-friendly functions such as simplified forms and guided input.


We have implemented a new system that allows branch staff to quickly annotate customer documents using a stylus on a touch monitor. As a result, this has considerably reduced the time needed to complete documentation and has significantly elevated customer satisfaction levels. We have also handled requests for accessing necessary documents promptly, reducing customer waiting time. By integrating with devices such as stamp scanners and document scanners placed at the counters, we have optimized the efficiency of branch operations. The system also offers advanced form features and differentiated performance, enhancing operational convenience. To ensure the security of the created documents, we have integrated with a timestamp solution. The need for separate storage of application forms, identification documents, and other papers has been eliminated, reducing the risk of loss. Additionally, our clients have plans for ongoing expansion to include additional tasks such as account opening in the future.

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