Project Description

Mobile Contract System for Nolboo Franchise

Nolboo started in 1987 as a family-run restaurant, the restaurant went into a franchising model in 1989 with the belief of spreading the taste of traditional Korean delicacies. Today, Nolboo owns 981 franchises and 22 retail shops nationwide and is continually expanding with a systematic franchising model in place.

Nolboo Franchise


As consumers grew to be more protective of their personal data, new regulations on personal data protection were introduced and made applicable to all contractual documents. Storage of franchise agreement in paper form requires manual handling, increasing employees’ workload and taking up storage space. The organization recognized the need to transform into a smart business, reducing manual processes and automating contractual procedures for effective contract management.

How We Helped

A Mobile Electronic Contract System was introduced to tackle those critical business issues identified. All employees across the board are able to access the new electronic Franchise Agreement using any mobile devices after the implementation. Customers’ information is collected and stored in Nolboo’s existing database, an ERP system. Anyone with authorization rights would be able to add or remove documents from the electronic agreement at ease.


A set of paper franchise agreement costs US$2.70. With all the franchising agreements digitized, Nolboo reduced much of its business costs involved in preparing paper contracts. Contractual procedures are complied with existing rules and regulations, protecting the company from possible infringement. Employees’ productivity increased greatly as administrative work involved in preparing cumbersome paper contracts are eliminated.

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