Project Description

Electronic Subscription System for KTCU

The Korean Teachers’ Credit Union (KTCU) was established in 1971 to improve the welfare and benefits of teachers in Korea. Today, KTCU has become a prominent enterprise with over 890,000 members and assets worth 57 trillion won. KTCU generates significant revenue by investing in various new growth opportunities, including real estate, infrastructure, foreign alternative investments, and traditional financial securities. The union also provides its members with lifelong welfare programs and contributes to environmentally friendly green energy projects.



To improve security, KTCU needed to replace the ActiveX-based solution for their website’s electronic subscription process while maintaining its functionality. They also required a service that could be accessed through various web browsers to give users greater convenience. Additionally, they needed to implement a solution that integrated a public certification solution and a timestamp solution.

How We Helped

We were able to help KTCU maintain their existing operations while removing the ActiveX system, creating an environment that did not hinder their subscription work. Through enhancing plugin security, we were able to address security vulnerabilities. Moreover, we integrated the public certification solution (Magic Line v4.0) and the timestamp solution (e-timing VISUAL TSA). Furthermore, we implemented electronic documents in XML format, replacing the previous PDF-based electronic documents.


KTCU’s security and user accessibility significantly improved after implementing a non-ActiveX service. By adopting an electronic contract system based on HTML5, we further enhanced customer satisfaction, user convenience, and service quality across various operating systems and web browsers. Switching to form-based electronic documents also made creating and modifying forms easier, improving operational efficiency and maintenance. Lastly, we ensured scalability for future expansion into mobile electronic subscription systems to accommodate growth.

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