Project Description

Mobile Inspection System for Korea Transportation Safety Authority

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority, established in 1979, has prioritized the safety of people and played a crucial role in laying the foundation for traffic safety in Korea. They implement various projects to prevent traffic accidents and ensure the efficiency of transportation safety management. The organization covers all transportation areas, including roads, railroads, and aviation, and strives to contribute to national economic development and public welfare through traffic safety.

03 Traffic Safety Authority


The Korea Transportation Safety Authority encountered several difficulties with its current system. To address these, they required an integrated system to enhance work productivity and secure credibility as a specialized organization for inspecting vehicle inspection equipment. Moreover, there was an increasing need to streamline the inspection process, including inspection application, result document creation, printing, binding, and storage. They also aimed to create a Green IT environment using mobile devices to boost work efficiency and reduce costs.

How We Helped

By implementing the OZ e-Form, we enabled Korea Transportation Safety Authority to achieve its goals by improving the accuracy and efficiency of its inspection tasks. As they serve over 5,000 businesses, our solution empowered them to perform their duties more effectively. In addition, the OZ e-Form allowed on-site management of safety inspections, report delivery, and expense tracking tasks, enabling clients to carry out all their duties at the location.


The Korea Transportation Safety Authority saw remarkable improvements with implementing the OZ e-Form. They were able to streamline their work processes and increase the accuracy of their inspections, resulting in a savings of 3,200 work hours per year and a 10% increase in workforce efficiency. Additionally, they reduced their paper usage by 390,000 sheets annually. Inspection processing time was also drastically reduced from 20 days to just one day. We enabled the inspection result to be guided through various communication channels, including web portals, mobile devices, and SMS, allowing for real-time communication and increased transparency in their operations.

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