FORCS is The largest market Leader for Paperless System in Korea

The Paperless Branch System built with FORCS paperless technology was introduced last year. FORCS has topped the benchmark test (BMT), being the fastest in achieving screen execution, touch signature input response, and file conversion speed.

In November last year, NH Securities introduced a Paperless Branch System to its branches nationwide. The new system resolved the problems of customer information leakage and the risk of losing paper documents. Above all, employees work more efficiently and have more time to focus on serving customer as the time spent on sorting out paper documents is eliminated.

Mirae Asset Daewoo launched a paperless system, allowing customers to perform financial services in real time securely. After the implementation, the business cost associated with printing paper documents has been reduced significantly. Several enhancements were also made to the virtualization services, enhancing financial services delivery.

KB Securities was also in full swing for their opening in September. They aim to connect existing systems such as the terminals, stamp scanners, document scanners, passbook issuers, and KFTC TSA modules to the new system. To speed up financial services delivery, they converted all paper forms into eForm and eDocuments. This helps to eliminate the problem of paper form storage and printing of paper forms used in their organization.

With the growing adoption of the paperless system, an increasing number of financial institutions are reducing the reliance on paper documents. All they need is just a mobile device at their desk to get financial services delivered.

Usage of the paperless system shortened the time taken for a customer to fill out forms, directing them to the fields they need to fill in straightaway. It also reduces the risk of losing paper documents and enhances the security of customer information. Overall work efficiency improved, and overall paper usage reduces, reducing overall business cost.

“We are actively introducing the latest paperless technology to provide convenient and secure financial services to the financial sector. FORCS prioritizes customers concerns and focuses on researching and providing safe and secure electronic document solutions that will benefit the financial sector,” said Lee Seung Won, Director of Financial Services Business Unit from FORCS.

FORCS holds the largest market share in the electronic document market in Korea, our solutions are widely adopted in various industries such as the financial sector, government sector, manufacturing, logistics, communication, and services.

FORCS Market Leader for Paperless System in Korea