FORCS Unveils Game-Changing AI-Powered eForm Solution

FORCS, a leading expert in digital form and report solutions, plans to launch an AI-powered eForm solution in the second half of the year. The company recently filed a patent for their innovative “Natural Language Conversation-based Large Language Model (LLM) for Document Generation Device and Method,” which uses generative AI, including the renowned ChatGPT, to extract and automatically input vital information through natural conversation. This technology is a significant step forward in smart digital form, building upon voice and chatbot interfaces, speaker identification, and gaze tracking.

FORCS Unveils Game-Changing AI-Powered eForm Solution

AI Reading Comprehension and Speaker Separation

FORCS has integrated AI reading comprehension technology to enable seamless conversations between RM and customers. The system streamlines digital forms by converting spoken words into text and extracting necessary information. Generative AI capabilities enhance accuracy and handle diverse conversational scenarios. Speaker separation technology distinguishes multiple voices in conversations with multiple participants. FORCS is researching summaries of completed electronic documents and enabling users to seek answers to specific questions related to their documents.

Continued Research and Future Prospects

FORCS is dedicated to developing AI technologies for digital solutions, such as voice command document creation and gaze control mechanisms for digital form generation. They aim to seamlessly convert paper forms into digital ones using AI models trained on various form templates.

The CEO of FORCS, Mi Kyung Park, expressed her excitement about the potential of AI-powered document generation technology to revolutionize user experiences across all digital form applications. She emphasized FORCS’s commitment to continuous innovation and user-centered technological development, which enables them to compete successfully in domestic and global markets.