Gaining a Foothold in Thailand!

FORCS signs Partnership Agreement with notable system integrator (SI) company, Blisstel!

Founded in 1989, Blisstel is engaged in providing Telecommunications/IT Infrastructure, Software and Digital Media Distribution, and Mobile Broadband solutions. The company is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

The concept of a “paperless” transaction hasn’t gone mainstream in Thailand as compared to Singapore. However, in recent years, there’s a growing demand for paperless system in banks, hospitals, and insurance companies due to changing consumer behavior.

Blisstel and FORCS will kickstart this partnership by transforming and automating processes in Paolo Hospital; an affiliate of Bisstel with over 400 hospitals under its care.

“Thailand has been very active in foreign medical tourism, and recently there have been a lot of demand for electronic documentation. We plan to work actively with Blisstel to help organizations increase productivity and efficiency by adopting a paperless working environment in hospitals and other organizations. Paperless transaction is a global trend and we believe it will be adopted across industries in Thailand in no time.” said Mr Mickey Park, Vice President of Global Sales, FORCS.

FORCS, alongside with Blisstel, aims to revolutionize conventional business model and push innovative Enterprise paperless solutions to many other industries such as insurance and banking in the local market.

FORCS partnership agreement with Blisstel
Mickey Park (Left), Vice President (Global Sales) of FORCS and Nund Natrat (Right), Managing Director of Blisstel