Legally Binding

The world has become an increasingly digitized society where an increasing number of transactions are taking place online. Take advantage of our e-Signature feature to sign digital documents successfully and ensuring the legality of a deal.

Sales Cycle

Being able to sign documents electronically means customers get to sign documents anytime and anywhere they are, Smart e-Form e-Signature has proved to accelerate sales cycle.


You no longer have to print out documents and sign physically, not forgetting the rescanning of documents back into the system. Get started with Smart e-Form to increase efficiency.


Adoption of e-Signature brings about many savings; businesses no longer have to spend on spend on the production, distribution, collection and storage of paper documents.

Store Critical Data

Our e-Signature stores data such as date, time, location, pen pressure and the number of strokes, authenticating the person signing the document, ensuring credibility.

  • High-resolution signature image, signer’s IP address and browser type are stored too.
  • Pen pressure’s data is only available with the usage of a smart device with a digital pen.
Create an electronic signature FORCS

No Download or Installation

Access Smart e-Form and get documents signed electronically without having to download or install any applications. Simply launch our e-Form with any modern browser that supports HTML5 to sign documents anytime and anywhere.

No download and installation for Electronic Signature

Across Platforms and Devices

Supported across devices (Mobile phone, Tablet, and PC) and platforms (Windows, iOS and Android), sign electronic documents quickly with Smart e-Form.

  • Options to sign using finger, digital pen, keying in of name or using QR code.
  • Ability to integrate digital signature and digital certificate with the help of our professionals.
Accessible across devices on PCs, tablets and mobile phones

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