Real-Time Form Sharing between Devices

At FORCS, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient form-filling process. That’s why we offer a powerful real-time synchronization feature allowing seamless collaboration between multiple devices. Our technology lets clients and sales representatives work together on a single form, filling out data and performing actions simultaneously. Any changes to the form are instantly synced across all devices, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Features for real-time collaboration between multiple devices

Bidirectional data synchronization in real time

Bidirectional data synchronization

Real-time bidirectional data synchronization and replication based on changed data

Permission Settings

Independent Control

Forms can be filled out independently by entering data on different pages of the same form

Permission Settings

Grant input permissions and display required fields on the screen for customers

Annotation Guide

Annotation Guide

Highlighters, underlining, notes, and popup messages to guide input

On-Site Installation

1. Tablet Monitor (OZ Multi-Screen Viewer)

Supports multi-screen, synchronized display, and simultaneous data entry in both PC screen and tablet monitor

2. Tablet PC (OZ Sync-Server/Client)

Simultaneous data entry through form synchronization between mobile devices

Tablet PC (OZ Sync-Server/Client)

Tablet Monitor vs Tablet PC

Requirement Tablet Monitor Tablet PC
Installation Space Moderate Small
Portability Stationary Mobile
Screen size Large screen, Full page, No scroll Small screen, Part of page, Scroll
Look & feel Normal High quality
Device lifespan Long Normal
Implementation Simple (wire connection, no synch server) Mobile network, Sync server
Maintenance Simple, Low cost Device management, More cost
Performance Fast Depends on network condition
Utilization in business only counter process More services, More channels

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