Get Stronger Mobile Security with Nexsign

We are proud to announce that we are the preferred partner of Samsung SDS for Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions. That is to say, we are bringing to you world-class security solutions by Samsung SDS Nexsign to help you protect your customers’ privacy.

Samsung SDS Nexsign, a FIDO certified solution, verifies your identity with biological information like your fingerprint, face, and voice before you can access any accounts or digital documents. The results? An authentication experience that’s simpler, faster, and even more secure.

What can Nexsign do for you and your business?
  1. Strengthen security
    Nexsign stores your identifying information as separate keys in different locations – one on a server and another on your device. This makes it significantly more secure.
  2. Simplify authentication
    With Nexsign, employees and customers no longer have to remember long, complicated passwords. Accessing data is as simple as scanning a fingerprint, face, or voice.
  3. Reduce costs
    Managing and resetting passwords adds up. Biometric information reduces these costs, saving your organization time and money.
  4. Streamline setup
    Simple and minimal integration, and you’re ready to go.
See how Nexsign works in the real world!

Nexsign can be applied across all industries, get in touch with us for a demo. Get started on building a stronger mobile security for your customers and organization today!