What is Batch Signing and
how it can be done with Digital Signature

Batch signing with digital signature on mobile device

The world has become an increasingly digitalized society, where most of us have already adapted to technological devices such as the smartphones, personal tablets and computers. It is also important to be tech-savvy, being able to adapt to new technology easily as everyone is becoming integrated and connected together online as one community. According to Forbes, one of the largest ongoing trends for technology linking to the customer experience is in the category of Digital Transformation. Therefore, it is important and essential for companies and businesses to work towards achieving a full digital transformation. And this is where electronic documents with digital signing come into play.

In plain terms, a Digital Signature is an electronic version of a physical signature. It is commonly used when acquiring signatures. Digital Signatures are permanent, meaning they cannot be easily replaced, as compared to using ink to physically sign the relevant documents. On the other hand, this is where Batch Signing also comes into the picture. Batch Signing is defined very simply, it involves using Digital Signature for multiple documents. This means that one digital signature is sufficient to account for the documents compiled, as long they are all in one file.

With that, let’s dive into the features of both Digital Signature and Batch Signing. For Digital Signature, it is a digital print like our fingerprint to signing off your document! It is an authentic signature that can be done on the spot in seconds before submission. As for Batch Signing, the features are the same for Digital Signature, in this case you would only need one signature to authenticate all your documents. It is as simple as that!

There is a myriad of benefits from using Digital Signature and Batch Signing when combined, which is essential because Batch Signing can only be accomplished if there is Digital Signature. If anyone of you is wondering why businesses should transform physical to digital documents, let us address the pain points of using physical documents. Physical documents require additional support and maintenance which is much more consuming as compared to handling documents electronically. Moreover, physical documents are easier to get misplaced and lost resulting in losing potential customers’ personal details. Hence, such information exposed is deemed vulnerable.

Therefore, Digital Signature and Batch Signing when combined bridge the gap between physical and electronic documents. With Digital Signature, paperwork can be cut down much more significantly with lesser time spent re-keying information into the backend system. It is certainly very troublesome having a backend system which needs to be maintained by a human being when he or she could have better use the time doing other productive activities. Other benefits include quicker work processes and an increase in customer satisfaction.

An example of a company that implements such solutions by combining Digital Signature and Batch Signing together is Sertifigate. Sertifigate is a company based in Singapore that specializes in public key infrastructure integration of automation and process control systems. The company integrates both Digital Signature and Batch Signing where their solution is e-nitial. This unique solution is a batch signing solution where it reads PDF documents from a source directory, leveraging on GlobalSign Digital Services to sign them in batches.

Below is a Case Study by Sertifigate that has demonstrated benefits through the results shown using the e-nitial solution:

Case study: Government Sector in the Philippines

A government public sector that has been utilizing the use of printed paper documents and wet ink signatures decided to adopt e-documents and electronic signatures, in order to retain the integrity and security of the documents, the use of digital signing was implemented.

Due to the large number of documents signed on a daily basis by several departments, they deployed seven e-nitial Batch Signer software for digitally bulk signing documents. Since the deployment and implementation of the software, using the Batch Signing tool, they significantly reduce on how the business consumes paper, and such digital transformation ensures the growth of the organisation as well as saving the environment.

Directors of each departments need not spend days to physically sign documents (quotations/invoices/agreements) by hand and can instead spend minutes using the Batch Signer solution to effectively sign and have the document seal digitally. These documents will then be automatically archived into the system server. This increases the productivity by 50% in terms of the cost of manpower, printing/paper costs as well as the courier fees.

This solution will definitely benefit the Insurance, Government as well as the Banking Industries respectively in terms of profit, customer satisfaction and work processes.

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology” – Godfrey Reggio

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