ConnectTechAsia2018 – FORCS Launches eformsign

eformsign officially launched in Singapore at ConnecTechAsia2018. The new cloud-based electronic form (eForm) service was borne out of a need for a more affordable eForm cloud-based service. Targeting enterprises with less than 200 staffs, eformsign is an innovative SaaS solution.

Accepted as a legal and legitimate court document in Singapore, eformsign is a new service that allows users to easily create simpler eForms, with minimal customization, and can be built using a simple add-in which can be installed in Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint). Alternatively, eformsign can convert existing Microsoft Office business documents into a compatible format in a matter of minutes.

eformsign can benefit SMEs significantly, by aiding them to take their business processes online and to speed up business productivity and sales cycles. Furthermore, eformsign promotes paperless offices, and allows anyone to create eForms from scratch using the eformsign add-in in Microsoft Office products. With rich input components such as Camera, eSignature, and Voice Recording, eformsign is better able to capture all necessary business information with ease, streamlining business workflow and activities with automated approval processes. The simultaneous edit function also allows both approvers and employees to work on the same document, either in-office or remotely. All eForms created using eformsign are accessible across platforms (iOS/Android) and devices (PC/Tablet/Smartphone).

“We see a huge demand from SMEs for a paperless solution to reduce paper use in the office. Paper forms are still commonly used by most businesses to carry out daily business activities, such as HR application forms, leave forms, claim forms, quality assessment forms and maintenance forms. We firmly believe the launch of eformsign in Singapore will create a significant positive impact on businesses that still rely on paper forms.” said Mickey Park, Sales Director of eformsign. “There is little risk in adopting eformsign, as it is much more affordable than other services, with a flexible subscription pricing model. Starting in Singapore, we aim to push eformsign to the other countries in the Asia Pacific over the next three years.”

eformsign offers a low-cost, subscription-based pricing model, providing flexibility and affordability for businesses of all sizes.

Visitor at FORCS booth, ConnecTechAsia 2018

Showcasing eformsign at ConnecTechAsia 2018

FORCS booth at ConnecTechAsia 2018

Collin, Channel Sales Manager of FORCS, giving a speech at ConnecTechAsia 2018

Group photo of FORCS team at ConnecTechAsia 2018