Park Mi Kyung participated in the COVID-19 Relay to Cheer Flower Farmers

Park Mi Kyung, the Chairman of the Korea Women’s Venture Association (KOVWA) and CEO of FORCS, participated in the campaign to lend a helping hand for the flower farmers. She took part in this campaign as designated by Jeong Jaesong, the Chairman of KOSDAQ Association on Apr 9.

The relay campaign was suggested by Seoul’s Mayor Park Won-soon. Park Mi Kyung nominated Cho Hong-rae, chairman of the Innobiz Association, and Seok Yong-Chan, chairman of Mainbiz Association as the following participants.

CEO Park Mi Kyung and other representatives in the garden

President Park said, “All small and medium-sized venture companies, including flower farmers and small business owners are experiencing a very difficult time, but let’s overcome this period together like a bud of a hopeful spring.” She presented the flowerpot to the start-up companies at the one-person creative business centre and the new members of KOVWA.

Additionally, air purification plant pots were sent to FORCS’ employees to express our gratitude. Besides, a tulip garden was building at the in-house café of FORCS for employees and customers to enjoy the spring energy.

In May, she is planning to send a carnation flowerpot for Parents’ Day.

A representative from KOVWA said, “KOVWA have purchased and delivered masks for Women Venture Companies in the cities of Daegu and Gyeongbuk with the intention to donate again from executives of KOVWA as well as continuously participate in the campaigns related to COVID-19. We will help other companies during COVID-19 or other issues in the near future.”