FORCS Plants Trees to Encourage Businesses to Go Paperless

More than 1000 Zelkova and Yoshino Cherry trees were planted by FORCS employees, with the aim of creating a cleaner and greener environment for all. Caring for the environment is the social responsibility of every individual, you can play your part in saving the earth by making the switch today.

Every year, FORCS employees come together for the annual tree planting campaign to encourage businesses to transform digitally and switch to digital documentation. In March last year, we planted more than 700 trees along the Yangjae stream in Gangnam to create the “FORCS Mugunhwa Forest Trail”. It’s not just about beautifying the environment, but also to prevent soil erosion and lowering the atmospheric temperature, benefitting everyone in the community.

“Our annual tree planting campaign supports our commitment in advocating a green working environment. By switching to a paperless working environment, businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment. We hope to see more businesses switching to paperless solutions to make a positive environmental impact.” said Ms Park Mi Kuong, CEO of FORCS.

In addition to our annual tree planting campaign, FORCS has been actively engaged in various social contribution activities such as donation of bamboo shoots, delivering of love briquettes, helping the rural community, and sponsoring children’s alliances.

2017 trees planting campaign - FORCS employees

FORCS employees doing tree planting