FORCS to Present Latest Chatbot e-Form at Singapore FinTech Festival

FORCS Singapore (FORCS), the global leader in enterprise e-Form and enterprise reporting, will roll out its latest chatbot e-Form for tablet banking systems at the Singapore FinTech Festival, aiming to woo more banks and financial institutions in Singapore that have yet to upgrade to the latest customer interaction methods.

The new feature, Chatbot e-Form, is expected to further strengthen the company’s current tablet banking system, allowing users to input data with voice into an e-Form without any keying, saving the time to fill up all fields.

“More and more banks are looking for ways to leverage them to reduce business costs and increase productivity with paperless transactions. FORCS’s OZ e-Form is already a market leader and has helped many institutions eliminate waste and increase their margins,” said Mickey Park, Vice-President of Global Sales at FORCS. “Our new chatbot feature adds an additional level of efficiency and customer satisfaction for our clients.

“Sooner or later, we will see more transactions performed via paperless teller systems where customers no longer have to sign any paper applications at physical bank branches. All paper application forms will be converted into digital forms, allowing customers to sign and attach their personal identity card with their smartphone or in-branch tablets,” Park added.

Banks worldwide are evolving and building omni-channel banking experiences to retain and attract customers. Statistics show that an increasing number of customers are performing banking transactions via mobile device instead of visiting physical branches. However, most banks in Singapore have yet to incorporate the latest in-branch technologies.

Conventional banking services performed over the counter usually involve huge amounts of paper forms, which are costly to produce and environmentally unfriendly. Alternately, tablet banking can eliminate the time and costs spent on processing paper documents.

FORCS provides software solutions that allow large financial institutions to implement tablet banking for their customers. The company believes that the introduction of tablet and chatbot e-Form into the Singaporean market will enhance the overall banking experience for everyone in the country.

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