Green the Red Dot with FORCS

Make your pledge today, FORCS has pledged to practice the following positive actions on 5th June 2017. Well, not just on 5th June, it’s in our DNA to carry out these activities as we are also advocating green causes. Join the movement with us by committing to actions that will reduce energy and resource consumption.

Energy Conservation

  • Include ‘switching off lights during lunch hour’ into your office protocol
  • Set all electronic equipment to energy saving mode (PCs, Laptops, Photocopiers)
  • Avoid switching on lights in areas where natural light is abundantly available
  • Set air conditioning to at least 25°C

Waste Management & Recycling

  • Carry out a recycling drive in office. Set up recycling bins and educate staff on recycling procedures
  • Assign a proper recycling company to collect recycled waste, used office equipment, and toner cartridges and bottles

Green Campaign Awareness Outreach

  • Encourage employees to use their own mugs and containers for takeaways
  • Cultivate green habits in the office by displaying posters and stickers with tips on saving energy and resources
  • Encourage staff to read e-mail via PC instead of printing

Resource Conservation

  • Set office printers to automatic double-sided printing mode to save on paper consumption
  • Set office print option to black & white printing to consume less ink
  • Link fax machines to email to reduce the printing of documents
  • Make mugs and cutlery freely available in the pantry, to help staff use fewer disposable cups and cutlery
  • Use teleconferencing and video conferencing technologies to reduce overseas travel for business meetings
  • Purchase paper and envelope made of recycled paper material
  • Use refillable pens and markers

If we can, you can as well. Green the Red Dot with us at

FORCS certificate of participation in Eco Action Day 2017

Certificate of participation for Eco Action Day 2017