Communic Indonesia 2017 – Showcasing Voice-to-Text Feature

Two weeks ago, FORCS participated in Communic Indonesia 2017 – the 2nd international communications and information technology exhibition in Indonesia. The 3-day show was engaging and eye-opening. We met visitors from SMEs to MNCs across industries and shared with them the latest voice-to-text feature integrated with e-Form. This new feature captures visitor’s voice and converts it into text or action intelligently. We can tell from visitors’ expression that they were amused with our newest e-Form feature.

We all know how bad the traffic can be in Jakarta, it could be one of the reasons that is slowing business processes and employees productivity. The adoption of e-Form will definitely boost business productivity and speed up sales cycle. We aim to work with more local partners to push enterprise mobility solutions to drive digital transformation in Indonesia.

FORCS Team at Communic Indonesia 2017
FORCS Team at Communic Indonesia 2017

Collin, Sales Manager of FORCS, showcasing e-Form to visitors
Collin and local partner showing visitor the latest voice-to-text feature

Visitors at FORCS booth, Communic Indonesia 2017

Open stage at Communic Indonesia 2017 FORCS with partner at Communic Indonesia 2017