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Award-Winning Retail Workbench

Standard Chartered is the leading international banking group, with near to 85,000 employees and 150 years of experience in the financial industry. The bank offers corporate and institutional clients services in trade finance, cash management, lending, securities services, foreign exchange, debt capital markets and corporate finance.


Endless paperwork is involved in banking processes before the implementation of the Retail Workbench. Costs associated with purchasing, printing, and storing paper forms are increasing yearly. Without a digital platform, sales staff has to manually enter the information from paper application forms into the system manually after visiting customers. This leads to longer working hours, decreased productivity and employee morale.

How We Helped

The FORCS OZ e-Form was used to build the e-Form found in Retail Workbench where the intuitive designer tool has a wide range of features to handle complex form creation and processing. We have assisted Standard Chartered to allow customers in opening new bank accounts in 5 minutes, and credit card issuance and personal loan application within 30 minutes. The Digital Strategy that Standard Chartered pursued was to allow Retail Workbench revolutionized the banking industry in Korea when it was launched in 2014. It has since won numerous industry awards for innovation and outstanding client service. By the end of 2017, Retail Workbench will be in the hands of staff in 18 markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Easy and Convenient Banking

Implement the Paperless Branch e-Form to to open a bank account for a customer anytime and anywhere.

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Banking on an iPad

Customers get to access a set of current and savings account, credit card and personal loan products on the Retail Workbench. Product information and marketing brochures are available for sales staff to answer questions and respond to customers anywhere they are.

Truly Anytime, Anywhere Banking

Customer requests can now be processed anywhere, with the information moving straight from the device to the backend database in near real-time. Previously, sales staff can only enter information into system manually when they are back to the office, creating additional workload and affecting employee moral.

Fewer Forms, Fewer Hassles

Customers only need to provide their personal details to the bank once to create a profile for future transactions. Sales staff can use the built-in camera of iPad to snap a picture of customer identity documents. Number of forms to fill in are greatly reduced; customer input are validated to ensure there are no missing data.

Fast Turnaround

Retail Workbench results in faster turnaround times for client requests.

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