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Enhance customer experience in purchasing or renting a car by streamlining buyer’s journey. Allow customers to research on car models and compare prices via their smart devices anytime and anywhere. Digitize purchase and rental agreement with OZ-Form, improve current business processes by establishing a seamless flow of information from smart devices to existing organisation database.

Reduce Costs
Consumer behaviour is changing, customers are spending more time researching for a car model online before making purchase decision. Shift to a bricks-and-clicks sales model by digitizing purchasing process with OZ e-Form. Simplify set up of physical showroom with digital display, reduce business costs by eliminating administrative and labor costs in handling paper work.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Make it possible for customers to purchase or rent a car at home while touring around a virtual car showroom with OZ e-Form. A Salesman’s role will be transformed to be a facilitator, allowing them to focus on customers requirements and delivering superior customer service. Get started on adopting our Enterprise solutions to create a delightful buyer’s journey.
Shorten and Speed Up Sales Cycle
Near to 80 percent of consumers research on the Internet before buying or renting a car. Speed up buying process by providing an end-to-end digital platform with OZ e-Form. Understanding customer profile and preferences in advance helps Salesman to provide better customer service and offer better advice catered to customers’ needs.
Car Purchase Agreement
Rental Car Agreement
Loan Application
Indemnity Form
Hand-over Form
Hanwha Life Insurance
Project Manager of "Smart Planner"

The greatest feature of OZ e-Form is its powerful responsive digital form. Financial consultants can modify Insurance application terms immediately, and the modified agreements are sent to our database instantly. Our organization’s efficiency and productivity increased significantly after the implementation of OZ e-Form. It’s truly impressive!

Namkyu Na
Korea Elevator Safety Agency
Associate Director of Information Management

OZ e-Form’s automatic digital form generation & scheduling functions minimize daily administrative work. All our Field Engineers carry out field inspections conveniently with a mobile device. Complicated inspections are simplified with digital form as there is greater input accuracy as compared to paper forms.

Yoon Min Ho
Kyung Hee University Hospital
Assistant Manager of HIS Division

Doctors’ and nurses’ satisfaction level increased remarkably after the adoption of digital forms (developed from OZ e-Form). Patients are also feeling happier during their stay in the hospital. We can obtain consent from patients instantly with the digital signature feature, boosting overall organizational productivity. It’s so much more convenient now as compared to the paper forms used previously.

Park Joo Hyung
Director of CS Division

With OZ e-Form, we have reduced the risk of customer information leakage. Ultimately, saving time and costs in document management.


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