Smart Manufacturing
with e-Form

Manufacturing companies are moving away from traditional processes as smart technologies are offering a new ROI for manufacturers. Focus on speed and accuracy to prevent production from realizing its full potential. Get started on maximizing safety compliance with Smart e-Form.

Faster and

Simplify complicated inspection checks and focus on providing a safe and healthy workplace. Optimize check procedures by switching to digital checklists with Smart e-Form.

Keep Yourself

Smart e-Form allows you to make changes to inspection forms instantly with our intuitive designer tool. Any updates will be reflected on all application forms without errors.


Eliminate paperwork such as the production, distribution, and storage of paper forms. Employees no longer have to deal with manual work involving the transfer of data.


Digitalization saves you from having to spend on the purchase of printers and peripherals to produce paper forms. Form changes can be made instantly with our designer tool.

Human Errors

The risk of human errors reduced significantly as the automation of e-Form workflow replaces the manual transfer of data from paper or static forms into the system.

Safe and

Better manage and track maintenance requests with Smart e-Form workflow. Ensure all necessary checks are in place to prevent any manufacturing mishaps.

Real Time Updates

Receive real-time updates on maintenance issues and manpower availability with Smart e-Form. Stay prevalent in today’s fourth industrial revolution by reshaping processes.

  • Stay alert of any emergencies happening in the workplace.
Receive real time update of manufacturing processes

Dynamic e-Form

We know that many forms are involved in ensuring the smooth operation of a manufacturing plant. The most popular feature of our Smart e-Form is the flexibility to switch to any forms quickly.

  • Conveniently inspect facilities with smart devices without having to deal with piles of documents.
Dynamic e-Form for the smooth operation of a manufacturing plant

Make Changes Easily

The constant change in government regulations affects inspection processes and forms need to be updated regularly. Modification of our Smart e-Form can be made instantly with our designer tool.

  • Anyone without coding skills can make text changes with ease.
Powerful electronic form designer

Transform Manufacturing Digitally

Simplify and streamline periodic inspection checks on procedures, equipment, and fire safety for a safe and secure working environment for all with Smart e-Form.

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