Technology has impacted education by introducing new methods of learning by going digital. Digitalization has driven schools to transform their culture, organizational structures, teaching, and communications. Kickstart with Smart e-Form in making administrative procedures enjoyable for both students and teachers.


Offer students a digitized platform integrated with Smart e-Form for them to search for courses with detailed career path options and applications, leading them to the right path.


Now that the school systems are interconnected, it will be easier for staff and teachers to access student records without having to flip through physical or static documents.


Students can now skip the queue to submit their admission application electronically with Smart e-Form, its validation feature ensures all forms are submitted accurately.

Reduce Human

The manual transfer of data from paper to the system leads to a higher risk of human errors. With Smart e-Form, data is saved to the system electronically for processing.


Provide a one-stop-platform integrated with Smart e-Form for students to create profile and submit applications. Lessen administrative tasks in sorting out application forms.


With Smart e-Form workflow, processes can be customized and automated according to the school’s existing processes efficiently with our professional expertise.

Create e-Form Easily

Our Smart e-Form comes with an intuitive designer tool where anyone without coding skills would be able to create electronic forms from scratch with ease.

  • Copy and paste existing forms in Microsoft Office or PDF formats into our e-Form designer.
  • Convert paper forms to Smart e-Forms.
Create electronic form with intuitive e-Form designer

Dynamic e-Form

Well-received by our customers, Smart e-Form offers the flexibility of enabling users to switch electronic forms based on their selection. This great feature helps to reduce the number of forms drastically.

  • Students no longer have to scroll through empty pages to locate the right form.
Switch electronic forms with ease

Collect Critical Data

Smart e-Form offers a wide range of input components such as e-Signature, Camera, Voice Recorder, Timestamp, Geolocation, and more for schools to collect all necessary information.

  • Ensure data accuracy and never miss out on any critical information.
Collect data with a wide range of input components

Move Away From a Paper-based Management System

Evolve to embrace technologies that can meet the needs of every student. From choosing an academic program to registration, streamline these procedures to create a seamless experience.

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